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Why not topical studies?

Students often wonder why our weekly RCF Bible study time doesn’t simply focus on topics. There are many reasons why we don’t. (1) Topical studies can avoid parts of Scripture that they don’t like or understand. (2) Topical studies can turn the focus away from studying the Bible for it’s intended purpose (to know and worship God), and turn the focus inward. (3) Topical studies too easily allow the speaker to only talk about their soapbox topics instead of hearing what God wants to say to us.

While there are negatives to doing topical studies on a weekly basis, there are occasions when they can be helpful. Since our weekly Coffee & Scripture times consist of in-depth Bible study, our retreats are great opportunities to discuss specific topics. Even with those topical studies, we will always base them on Scripture. If you’re interested in attending our next retreat, this website will have the sign-up information.