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What you need for a meaningful life

At our recent winter retreat, I asked the students in attendance to fill in this blank:
“I must have ________ to have a meaningful life.”

I heard someone else ask that question recently, and it made me stop and think. What would I put in the blank space? How would you fill in the blank? Would it be wealth or a great job? For many of you, I suppose the answer would probably be a romantic relationship. Almost everything that we could possibly put in that blank space will ultimately fail us and give us a false sense of hope. This includes a boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance’, or spouse. Those aren’t bad things to desire. But there is only ONE that we could place in the blank space that would give us true hope and meaning in life, and that is “a relationship with God.” If our life’s meaning and contentment is based on other things (or other people), then our life becomes meaningless and lacking contentment when that thing (or person) is absent. Knowing Jesus always fulfills us because He never goes away. Scripture tells us that God never leaves us or forsakes us (Deuteronomy 31:6), and that He is with us always (Matthew 28:20). As we approach Valentine’s Day, and relationships are possibly on your mind, I pray that this challenges and encourages you today to seek to know and follow Jesus.