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Skills or character?

Who are the people who have most impacted your living for Jesus? Think about that for a moment. What about them had the greatest impact in your life? Was it because they were skilled at teaching the Bible, sharing their faith, etc? Or was it their character that had the larger impact? Almost everyone would answer that a person’s character mattered the most. We have all known (or at least heard of) people who were good communicators, even skilled at teaching the Bible, but they had major character flaws. If you knew a pastor who was a compulsive liar, or who was having an affair, it really wouldn’t matter how good of a teacher he was. You wouldn’t want to listen to him because his character would virtually cancel out his message.

How about you? When others look at your character, do they see someone who represents Jesus well, or does your character detract from anything you might say about Him? Christians are called to imitate Christ (Ephesians 5:1), so we have no excuse to live otherwise. As we draw closer to Jesus, and we get to know Him better, our lives will look a lot more like His. And our character will not detract from our words, but strengthen them. I encourage you to have Christians with good character in your life who will help you to honestly see your own character issues (good and bad). At RCF we strive to keep one another accountable through discipleship. Let us know if you would like to have someone contact you about discipleship. We’re here to help encourage you to follow Jesus!