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Matters of the Heart

“One way to tell if you’re measuring success by an outer-cleanness versus an inner-cleanness is if you obsess over how many days it’s been since you last sinned.” (Jimmy Needham)

At our 2017 winter retreat, we talked about several issues that college students are facing. In the process of talking about specific issues, we noted how God cares most about our hearts. It’s not just about doing the right things, or avoiding other bad things (although both of those are very important). What’s most important to God is that we are relying on Jesus Christ for ALL of our righteousness, and submitting our lives to Him. That must be our focus, or we easily slip into legalism and thinking that we’re earning favor with God by our works.

I wanted to share this excellent article with you from Jimmy Needham. Although he addresses sexual purity and pornography, it is really an article about the heart. Please check it out here. I think you will find it challenging today.