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I wish I had spent more time studying

As we prepare to recognize and honor our graduating seniors this Sunday, I know that several of them will be preparing to share their senior wisdom with you all. In twenty years of being around college ministry, I have never heard one of the graduates say that they wished they had spent more time studying. Perhaps that tells us something about what life is about. In fact, if you’ve ever spent time with someone who is dying (whether they are old or young), you never hear them wish that they had studied more in school or had a higher GPA. You never hear them saying that they wish they had spent more hours at work either. Then why do we focus so much on these things that don’t matter? We tend to focus only on the moment. What can we do to change this? What should we focus on?

If we direct our primary focus on Jesus, then He will help us put the temporal things in proper perspective. God doesn’t tell us not to study or work. Those things can be good and helpful. But they can also be harmful when they take our focus away from Christ. In order to keep the proper perspective, let me give you a few things that you can do:
(1) Bible intake – Read it, hear it, study it, memorize it. Let God’s Word shape your life.
(2) Prayer – Talk to Him, ask Him for wisdom and guidance. This shows dependence on God.
(3) Community – You need other Christians to help you stay on track and keep a kingdom perspective. This is why God has given us the church. Spend time with Christians.
(4) Discipleship – You need older, wiser believers in your life, and you need to be making disciples by helping others learn to follow Jesus.

I’ve never heard anyone say that they’ve spent too much time in their life doing these four things. Is it time for a change in your life? We would love to talk with you about how to follow Jesus and prioritize the right things. Let us know if you would like to talk further.