How are your friends influencing you?

In his book titled Holiness, JC Ryle cautions us as Christians about the company that we keep and the friendships that we form. He writes, “Nothing perhaps affects man’s character more than the company he keeps. We catch the ways and tone of those we live and talk with, and unhappily get harm far more easily than good. Disease is infectious, but health is not.”


Are you being affected spiritually by your friends? Are they influencing you to sin or drift from God? Some will argue that we cannot avoid sinful people. Certainly you are around many bad influences not by choice (through school, work, dorms), but that is why it is more important to have Christian friends and spend intentional time with those who will help you grow closer to Jesus.


Some will also justify, noting that Jesus hung out with sinners. Yes, but (1) He did not go alone, but with the disciples. Even Jesus was not a lone ranger. (2) He spent the majority of the time with His disciples. If you have found your spiritual growth stunted lately, it could be partly due to the people whom you have surrounded yourself with. It is easier to be influenced away from God, so make it a point to surround yourself with Christians who are encouraging you to spend time in God’s Word, in prayer, sharing your faith, etc. This is why RCF is here. We hope to be able to encourage you this week!