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I wish I had spent more time studying

As we prepare to recognize and honor our graduating seniors this Sunday, I know that several of them will be preparing to share their senior wisdom with you all. In twenty years of being around college ministry, I have never heard one of the graduates say that they wished they had spent more time studying. Perhaps [...]

What is the minimum that God expects ...

A friend recently shared an online article with the title, “How To Be A Good Christian With Minimal Effort.” The article was a satire article, but it caused me to reflect on why we are drawn to only following God when it is convenient for us. If we were able to be a good Christian [...]

Your dream of ideal Christian communi...

“Those who love their dream of a Christian community more than the Christian community itself become destroyers of that Christian community, even though their personal intentions may be ever so honest, earnest, and sacrificial.” (Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together) If we are not careful, most of us will have an idealized community that we cling to in [...]

Skills or character?

Who are the people who have most impacted your living for Jesus? Think about that for a moment. What about them had the greatest impact in your life? Was it because they were skilled at teaching the Bible, sharing their faith, etc? Or was it their character that had the larger impact? Almost everyone would answer [...]

Even Jesus prayed

“And after He had dismissed the crowds, He went up on the mountain by Himself to pray.” (Matthew 14:23a) Have you ever thought about the fact that Jesus prayed? If you’ve ever come across a Scripture passage like Matthew 14:23, John 17, Luke 23, etc, you probably have wondered why Jesus would pray. But here’s [...]

What you need for a meaningful life

At our recent winter retreat, I asked the students in attendance to fill in this blank: “I must have ________ to have a meaningful life.” I heard someone else ask that question recently, and it made me stop and think. What would I put in the blank space? How would you fill in the blank? Would it be wealth or a great [...]